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Process Equipment operate strenuous environments, they are exposed to gases, corrosive chemicals & harsh environments. Prolonged exposures to such corrosive industrial environments result in tarnishing or corroding the crucial components, which may lead to catastrophic incidents. Hence, protecting vessels from corrosion is of great significance.
Manufacturing Process involves Reaction, Separation, Filtration, Distillation, Drying and many more which are carried out in Process Equipment with suitable material of construction.

Process which involve highly corrosive media and or higher operating pressure or cryogenic operating temperature, design and construction of Process Equipment plays a vital role & controls the cost effectiveness.

Clad Metal

Chemical and Petrochemical (besides others) process industries have relied on explosion welded clad for over decades. Some of the first applications of explosion welded clad were specifically designed for chemical processing facilities.

Engineering challenges requiring metals such as tantalum, zirconium, and titanium were resolved with explosion welding. A solution which weld overlay and roll bonded material cannot accomplish. Explosion welded or bonded plates offer superior joining and is the only solution widely used in industry for welding highly dissimilar metals; it simultaneously provides utmost reliability.